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Create The Perfect Guest Bedroom


Because your guest bedroom is probably smaller, you might not realize the potential it has to glam up.

Whilst your master bedroom has had the love and hotel style accessories lavished on it, there is a risk that the smaller, unoccupied room will suffer from an overload of bland and furnishings that are, at best, an afterthought.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

The smaller, guest bedroom can be just as chic and beautiful as any hotel suite – just be thinking boutique hotel rather than The Hilton.

Ideas for your smaller room include monochrome floral wallpaper.

A smaller room doesn’t have to be painted white or beige. Black floral shapes against a white backdrop looks stunning and classy.

This can be accentuated with black or gray on the baseboards and luxury bedding – think gray velvets and plush fabrics on the headboard.

The bed may be smaller, possibly even a single, but this doesn’t mean to say it can’t be as well dressed as its larger cousins.

Layer white and gray cushions with chenille and velvet bedding. Match in the drapes or blinds with this simple monochrome design.

If there’s enough space, add an elegant black chair and glass nightstand. Glass can open up the space further and prevent the room from appearing crowded.


Whoever said the guest bedroom had to be bland?

Whereas you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with blinding color, confuse them with a mishmash of styles and make them feel claustrophobic with too much furniture, you don’t want it to resemble a prison cell either.

By keeping the walls and floors in neutrals, you can splurge on the features such as the bedspread and headboard.

By honing in on one statement piece of furniture – probably in the smaller bedroom this will be the bed- you can bring some personality to the room, without giving anyone a migraine!


So far, we have assumed that there will only be one person staying in the guest bedroom.

But possibly, this is not the case and you have enough space for more than one guest.

Depending on the size of the room and the needs of your guests, you might find yourself with two guests sharing a room and both wanting to be accommodated in comfort.

This is where having clever bed solutions (a smaller bed that pulls out from underneath the existing bed) for example can come in handy.

These can be either used separately, as twin beds or connected together to make a double.

Two nightstands should be factored in, as well as remembering to place more than one reading lamp, on either side of the room.